The Multikraft System.

Multikraft Probiotics ensure a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

> It all starts with healthy soil and stronger, deeper roots.

> Which in turn builds healthy plants and healthy people.

> Probiotics are essential for overall health and wellbeing.

> Waste is then converted back into nutrients, completing the circular economy.

How our system works.

> Our multi-step fermentation process produces robust and adaptive microbial consortiums.

> Our products contain a diversity of beneficial liquid microbes combined with metabolites and secondary metabolites.

> Variety of functions including biocontrol, induced systemic resistance and maximised nutrient uptake.

> Our beneficial microbes enhance natural systems, helping everything to flourish.

Microbes are essential to the whole cycle of life.

Multikraft Probiotics are a liquid mixed culture made up of lactic acid bacteria, photosynthesis bacteria and yeast, which are created by fermentation. During fermentation, organic substances (such as herbs, sugar cane molasses etc.) are converted by enzymes or microorganisms. The addition of microorganisms facilitates the creation of substances that would be very difficult or even impossible to produce chemically.

To create Multikraft products, special microorganisms are cultivated using sugar cane molasses in a multi-stage process. During this fermentation process, sugar cane molasses is broken down and Multikraft Probiotics multiply. The special composition of these Probiotics makes the end product exceptionally valuable and rich in extremely antioxidant, life-supporting substances (enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, bioactive substances etc.).

The best example of fermentation is the production of sauerkraut. During this process, nutrition that is rich in vitamin C is produced from raw cabbage which is low in vitamin C. This is induced by the fermentative bacteria, especially lactic acid cultures in this case.

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